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Featured Comics: Ramayan 3392 AD Reloaded

When I was a boy, my father used to tell me the Great Epic of Ramayana to lull me down to sleep. Now, 20 years later, having my friend discovered these great comic series is a great nostalgia. Click The Picture above to bring you the the whole series (ongoing).


Ramayan 3392 AD Reloaded #08

The story primarily deals with the last kingdom of humans who are fighting demons (Asuras) to survive. The series' prime protagonist is the human prince Rama who, alongside his brothers, aims to bring down the demon-lord Ravan. Now a new beginning starts with writer Shamik Dasgupta and artist Jeevan Kang with the guidance of celebrated writer/editor Ron Marz. The story continues after Rama, Lakshman and Seeta escape from Mithila and are teleported to the wastelands of the far north. Rama suffers from severe wounds and is at death's door. (As cited in

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